Magenta’s Family Christmas

I wrote Magenta’s Family Christmas as a Christmas gift for my parents. They fostered many children throughout my childhood and had a lasting and positive influence on the world because of their love and patience.

Magenta’s Family Christmas is available on Amazon. 

I am a writer currently living in New York City.

Magenta has lived in foster homes for six years, and is now spending Christmas with strangers, again. If she had it her way, she’d be reunited with her real grandmother and spending the holiday with true family. Instead, she’s in the middle-of-nowhere upstate New York in a tiny farmhouse with a couple old enough to be her grandparents. Maybe it’s the snow, or the goats, or the neighbor with horses, but this Christmas Magenta learns a little about what it takes to have a Family Christmas.

The beautiful front cover photography for Magenta’s Family Christmas was done by Lux Dei Photography. This image (and more Lux photography) is available on Etsy. 

My humor piece Re-Entering the Workforce: Motherly Skills Apply is published on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.